Ruthless Pilgrims of Janissary

Maccabian Janissaries

Is it possible to find even more fanatic and dedicated infantry, than those serving in Death Division? Get ready to be surprised, because the answer is “Yes”! 

While a mortally wounded Death Division soldier helplessly waits for the quartermaster, a Janissary with his legs blown off by an explosion will still crawl closer to the enemy in order to stub a combat knife into his throat. 

Just to earn a chance of joining the Janissaries regiment, one has to make a long and dangerous way. 

The first step is surviving a pilgrimage to the distant and mysterious world, covered with the salt flats and dimly lit by a chill weak star. This world is said to be blessed since Janissaries’ great patron and the famous Imperial Saint fell in a fierce battle to be resurrected by the glory of Emperor. 

The strongest and finest of pilgrims who reached this place despite disastrous attacks of the Heretics, alien, and Orks, form a core of the planetary militia. 

But still these recruits have to be boundlessly faithful, skilled and pious to join the fewer chosen and become Janissary troops. So begins their final militant pilgrimage. 

Being sent to the faraway galaxies full of heresy an deathly creatures, none of the Janissaries will return to the native world. However, they don’t care much about that. Even being demobilized they prefer to guard the faithful at the cost of their own life rather than enjoy deserved rest. 

Yeah, there is a pure devotion and unwavering faith hiding behind the silver masks of the resurrected saint. Following in his footsteps, Janissaries are fully devoted to the Emperor till the death comes and ready to stay so after. 

The only point of concern is their fanaticism which is often stronger than the discipline. It’s not uncommon for Janissaries to unleash their wrath against the allies who seemed to them… hmm, a bit heretic. For such a “witch hunt” tendencies they are typically disliked by other regiments. 

However, this doesn’t change the fact that Janissaries are extremely effective in eradicating the heresy. 

Well, or anything they consider to be it.


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