Call of faith: Jannisaries vs. Daemonic Slaughters

Daemons of Khorne vs Maccabian janissaries

Fewer prayers can stop the blood-crazed Daemon hordes, unless being backened by the valley-fire and unbreakable faith of the Jannisaries regiment
The more violent is the enemies’ assault, the more accurate and deadly becomes the tactics of these fervently pious silver-masked militant pilgrims. 
These well-trained and carefully orchestrated shoulder-to-shoulder ranks will do their best and more for the horned beasts to choke with the coveted – and, desirably, their own, black and fetid, – blood. 
Despite deadly razor sharped claws, grinding their armour, in defiance even of their comrades death screams, and more blodthirsty hordes emerging from the Warp, the Imperial righteous warriors won’t take a single step back. 
Infinitely devoted to the Emperor, they either drive back the darkness beyond His realm, or die without any doubt on service, eradicating heresy by fire and sword until their last breath.  in the name of the Emperor. 


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