Special Force: aces up on Emperor’s sleeve.

tempestus scions warhammer 40k

The Imperium Special Forces are experts of curing heresy. Extracting it from the brain of those, enslaved by chaos (usually, by dashing out the brain itself), they bear the light of the Emperor’s will to the most distant and dangerous warzones. 
Having abandoned their parent cultures, as well as any memories (not to take into account nightmarish dreams, caused by rigorous program of physical and mental indoctrination), young orphans are turned into driven and dedicated fanatics with flawless killing skills. 
Acknowledged with the various stealth techniques and advanced tactics, Special Forces squads form a sharp edge of the Imperium war machine, able to turn the tide of battle and save the day by unquestioning performance of the most complicated orders. 
Whenever mission requires more skills, dedication, and firepower, then ordinary Imperium regiments can provide, Special Forces are the perfect choice. Spearheading assaults into heavily fortified positions, infiltrating behind enemy lines and sowing confusion and panic, they will reduce any foe to the smoldering heaps of corpses and have the work done, no matter how high the price is.  


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