Royal Regiment: the deadly dandies of the Imperor.

Praetorian guard warhammer 40k

Good clothes open all doors. However, if there are any remaining closed, tough guys from the Royal Regiment will break them into splinters with well-calibrated volley fire and enter anyway. 
Being real dandies among the loyalists, the Royal Regiment’s infantry is renowned both for the iron discipline and parade ground fashion. Even being mortally wounded, any of these impassive soldiers will make sure that his scarlet tunic is smartly fastened before giving his soul to the God-Imperor. 
Consisting of the elite hive gangs, that have passed draconian workout, Royal Regiment won’t break its line under almost any conditions. 
No wonder, that precisely formed firing lines of the coldblooded soldiers wearing trademark pith helmets, strike fear into the hearts of even the most dangerous opponents. 


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