Death Division: five ages of nuclear bombing.

Death Korps of krieg

Five ages of nuclear bombing and further bloody battles among the irradiated ruins turned the Death Division troops into an adamant weapon of the Emperor’s will. 
Watchdogs among other legions, they are literally breeded in the baleful and scorched by radiation world with the only purpose. 
Tormented by the guilt for the ancestors’ betrayal, Death Division lusts nothing but glorious martyrdom to prove the loyalty. Thus, always ready to fight numerous lethiferous hordes even in the most hostile worlds. 
Death Division veterans will gladly walk towards a certain decease in a great massacre or turn to the smoldering ash under the fire of enemy’s flamethrowers. 
However, despite the cherished dream to die for the Emperor, these soldiers are very tenacious and well-skilled. It makes Death Division a perfect tool for carrying out the order while other mortals retreat and escape the battlefield, plunged into panic. 
It doesn’t matter how far they will run. As soon as the enemy is defeated, every betrayer will be found and punished for the cowardice by the silent and faceless warriors in the gas masks. 
Because so is the Emperor’s will. 


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