VIDEO | The Final Atonement: the Battle for the Portal.

Witness the dignity, unbreakable loyalty, and self-sacrificial faith of the Death Division, opposed to the burning hatred, dishonesty, and the filthy guile of the Heretic Infantry. 
The countdown has started and each standard second approximates the Daemonic flow, erupting from the void of the Warp, bringing bloody tide and inexorable destruction to the blessed lands of the Imperium. 

Feel the soil groaning under the deathly clawed feet of the horse-like beasts, delivering Death Division‘s cavalry to the heart of the battle. Leaded by the rage and life-long duty, are they able to destroy the sinister gate before it is opened? Will these ready-to-die fearless squads, scorched by the hellfire of the battlefield, be fast enough to prevent an imminent massacre? 

Hear the hope dies with the first sound of the horn, accompanied by an ominously pulsating roar of drums, when the first Daemons appear from the red bloody glow of the portal.  
This is the end. Sparing neither enemies, nor allies, drawn by nothing but rage and lust for murder, the horrific hordes of Warp go on the offensive, sweeping everything in their path. 
With the Litany of Sacrifice on their lips, and firing guns in their hands, Death Division Soldiers rush forward to gain the final atonement. 

Death Korps of krieg Heretics


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