The Heretics: Enslaved By The Treachery.

warhammer 40k renegades and heretics

There are various paths for those, who renounced the light of the Emperor and, through the betrayal, defected to the Gods of Chaos. 
Becoming a crazed blood-addicted slaughterer is one of the widest spread options for the renegades, possessed by heresy. To keep the place in a slender army of the Master of War, his servants are doomed to eternally take part in a horrifying bloodshed – both with the enemies and allies. 
Receiving various powers and experiencing blood-curdling mutations as a bonus for the dedication, these soldiers still remain nothing but the pawns on a chessfield of their villain god, whose wild imagination, bloodlust, and terrifying ingenuity knows neither mercy, nor limits. 


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