Abhuman Giants: The Big Advantage of The Imperium.

ogryns bullgryns warhammer 40000

The wall shouldn’t be intelligent or even wit. For wall, it’s enough to be solid and sustainable. Though they are not walls, Abhuman Giants are faithful adherents of that logic. 
As dumb as a rock (or an Ork, haha) and as deadly as an avalanche, they can effortlessly destroy a little building or tear apart the enemy with bare hands. 
Any soldier, involved whether in an assault or an defense together with these massive thick-skinned war machines is a lucky one: with Abhumans protection no firepower can reach the allies. Closing their shields (that often are just parts of heavy armors vehicles), Giants march towards the enemy, shrugging off the wounds that would cripple or kill any other soldier. 
Being great fans of massive guns (and bombs, and grenades, and everything that is able to produce deafening “boom” sounds), Abhumans typically use an entire ammunition much before they reach the enemy. However, in their capable hands, even a discharged gun is a killer argument. 
Thus, it is a short time till the violently scattered parts of enemies’ bodies, smashed into red pulp, wrecked weapons and vehicles will announce another uncompromising victory in the name of the Emperor. 


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