Preventing the Inevitable: Struggle for the Mankind

death korps of krieg vs renegades and heretics

There should be some logical explanation to seeing the damned renegades’ squads wearing gas masks and heavy guns common for the most faithful Emperor’s sons. 
There should be some terrible mistake in witnessing Death Division troops fighting on the both of the opposite sides of the barricades. 
Whether it’s a cunning machination of the chaos gods, or a treacherous masquerade intended to shaken faith in God-Emperor, there is the only possible outcome: whatever the heresy is, it should be burned to the ground. 
An avalanche of the deadly cavalry will either bring down the cleansing fire of the righteous wrath on the betrayers or honorably accept death for the Emperor. The louder is the howl of the terrible daemonic creatures foreshadowing the slaughter, the more desperate an offensive becomes. 
Unfortunately, the resistance of the portal defenders is getting fiercer by the minute, too. Despite the serious losses, smoking flesh, and terrible wounds from the claws of the Death Division’s warhorses, the traitors of humanity stubbornly hold their ground in order to release bloodthirsty hordes to the world of the mankind. 
Will the renegades triumph?  

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