Desert Raiders: the Ghosts of Wastelands.

Tallarn desert raiders warhammer 40k

Though being not very efficient standing in a static battle or holding fortifications, Desert Raiders are invaluable as a vanguard or reconnaissance forces. 
Stealthy and lightning-quick, they sow panic and confusion, emerging from nowhere like a mirage in endless, scorched by twin-suns wastelands. 
An immediate and ferocious massacre that follows, ends up as suddenly as it’s begun: the elusive and tireless guerillas simply vanish beneath the sands in order to engage in another elsewhere a few standard minutes later. 
Children of desert, they leave no evidence of their existence, but sulfurous sands covered with blood and agonizing corpses of the enemies. 
Desert Raiders are able to overtake such sorties as long as needed due to special features of their uniform: designed in a way to collect, purify and store the excreted water, it increases survival abilities, giving a solid advantage over the enemy regiments, struggling from heat, thirst, and panic. 


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