Bloodthirsty Demons: Trailing the War.

khorne daemons warhammer 40000

Spewing a countless torrent of scaly red hide bodies, a Warp portal can remind the viewer of a bleeding wound, which is rather an omen than a poetic epithet. 
Driven by the eternal insatiable lust and savage ferocity, shrouded in thick gore stench, the hordes of Bloodthirsty Demons are able to instill terror and disgust to the heart of any loyal defender of the Imperium. 
Even the stoutest soldiers often fail to withstand the horrific sight of their comrades, cut in half and literally sinking in their own blood. Meanwhile, the inexorable horned beasts, whose eyes, reminding of glowing coals, light up ever brighter with each new act of murder, continue their ruthless attack. 
No wonder that the inhuman strength, flawless killing skills, and outstanding look of the Bloodthirsty Demons are truly admired by numerous grimdark fans.. 


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