Death Division: the massacre march.

Death Korps of krieg and Taurox

There is no sacrifice considered by the Death Division to be too high price for the victory. 
There is no death to be more terrible than the shame of betrayal. 
Having excelled in various combat actions and being eternal debtors of the Emperor, Death Division troops found a plenty of inventive ways to pay the interest with the enemies’ lives. 
Accompanied by artillery and grenade explosions, cracking noise of firing lasguns, gnashing of steel and whistle of bullets, these grim faithful warriors perform their own terrifying symphony to glorify the Emperor of the Mankind. 
It’s only the matter of time when they will face their own death on the one of the numerous hostile planets. However, when the time comes – they won’t tremble. 
The place of each fallen will be taken by dozen, just as loyal and fearless as their predecessors were. 
This is the path of the Death Division, and it will last until the last enemy of the Emperor is defeated and dies in the flames of the holy purge. 


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