Death Division vs Tomb World

Death Division vs Tomb World

When the black skeletons made of living metal come out of the cold space, destroying everything on their way and burying thousands of people beneath the rubble of the whole worlds, there are fewer divisions able to keep the composure and fight back this mighty half-god creatures, impervious to laser fire. 

Relently determined troops of the Death Division will not be stopped neither by ravenous swarm of metallic beetles, stripping the flesh from their bones, nor by bladed limbs slicing even the heaviest armour. Dozens of gas-masked veterans will take place of each warrior slew by the foe. 

Combining an indirect artillery fire with extreme close overwhelming assaults, unleashing all the numerous recourses they have to stop horrible metallic figures draped in raw skin, Death Division is just unable to flinch and will continue attacking as one till the last live soldier. 

Supported by super-heavy tanks, firing away with the power of a miniature sun, Death infantry will gloriously strike out and pursue martyrdom in the destruction of the enemies. 

Death Korps of Krieg vs Necrons
Death Korps of Krieg dkok vs Necrons


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