Ice warriors

Valhallan Ice Warriors - Art

Ice regiments’ offensive reminds the casual observer about fireworks of flesh and blood. 
The infantry of this cold-blooded daredevils has a snowball effect: ensuing wave after wave and fighting to the last man it will devotedly and fearlessly climb over the wall of corpses formed by the effective fire of the defenders through the massed artillery barrages of their own allies. 
Whatever horror lurks in the dark void of space, Ice warriors are always ready to break it into a cold sweat and turn into a bloody mince a few moments later. 
Ice warriors will stubbornly march across the frozen and toxic phosgene wastelands, leaving behind bodies of their friends and picking up their guns in order to strike a larger force of Traitors, Orks, Demons, well, whoever. 
Armed with lasguns and supported by powerful artillery, they are tenacious in holding their ground against even the most hopeless odds to break the ice in the name of Emperor. 
Purchase these desperate and harsh warriors bunch to form an unbreakable heart of your army and enjoy your enemies getting cold feet with a single look on these unexcelled ice-hearted legions. 

2 thoughts on “Ice warriors

  1. JB says:

    I’ve almost collected the entire range of this. Are their any plans on an abhuman…. Jotun like unit?

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