Bloodthirsty Demons

daemons of khorne

“Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!” – is the last thing one hears before chocking of its own blood. Deadly two-handed Warp-metal swords cut the most unyielding armour like an old rusty can, as well as jet-black claws and sharp needle-like teeth. 
Numerous and vile, unstoppable and ruthless daemonic creatures bay for blood of their foes. If there no foes nearby, they’ll furiously and diligently spill blood of their own kind. 
Accompanied by horns, drums and howls as well as unbearable copper stench of death, daemonic troops strike terror into the hearts of the most experienced and cold-blooded warriors. There’s no much hope to stay alive in fight with these brutal and devastating warriors: any resistance attempts are literally washed away with bloody tide from torn throats and chopped bodies. 
Numerical superiority can hardly help those unfortunate ones who faced these daemonic creatures: thunderous drumbeat of cruel slaughtery echoed through the Warp summons more hordes of the distraught blood-seeking beasts till the last defeated enemy agonizes in a terrifying dance of death for the glory of Lord of the Battle. 

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