Airborne Division vs Bloodthirsty Demons 

Elysian drop troops vs daemons khorne

Wherever struggling Emperor’s legions need help, Airborne Troops are desired guests at the battlefield. Unexpectedly appearing from above, like a bolt from the blue, they invariably herald a turning point in the favor of their allies. 
Neither legions of enemies nor kilometers of fortifications can stop these unrivaled airborne guerillas. 
Totally unpredictable, incredibly mobile, they suddenly attack, sowing death, fire, and panic among the opponent’s soldiers. 
Disappearing as fast and suddenly as they came, Airborne Troops will methodically throw their heavenly wrath from the flanks and rear, turning slender ranks of the foe into the howling meat-grinder. 

Follow the links below to get these fulminant and tactically flawless soldiers, able to demoralize and embarass even the most powerful daemonical legions of Chaos


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