Steel Guard: toxic-resistant Ork exterminators.

Armageddon steel legion warhammer 40k

The crunch of the Orks’ bones underneath of Chimera caterpillars is the best music for any of the Steel Guard
Their hatred to the greenskinned invaders is as concentrated and deadly as the poisonous air of their native ash wastelands, polluted with toxic chemicals and able to melt one’s lungs in just a few minutes. 
As a rule, Steel Guard’s swift-moving regiments rush towards the battle under the horrifying black banners of vengeance, decorated with significant trophies and countless Ork kill markers. 
Rapidly redeploying convoys of vehicles Steel Guard armoured columns often overrun enemies’ formations, leaving wide furrows of the ground flash and bones behind them. 
Being real aces of the heavy machinery, these troops are also great fighters. Hardened in the endless gang warfare on their native planet, they won’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the bloody feast of the hand-to-hand combat. 
Thus, after breaking through the front line Steel Guard infantry usually dismounts and meticulously sweeps the area clear. Bringing the revenge for the smashed hive-cities of their home world, it gives no quarter and expects none in return. 
Follow links below to replenish your army with these heavy armoured and toxic-resistant Ork exterminators.  


2 thoughts on “Steel Guard: toxic-resistant Ork exterminators.

  1. Oscar P says:

    Great models, but the Steel Legion need a tank commander

    1. RedMakers says:

      Sure, we will resolve this issue 😉

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